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Jacob Bannon - No Heroes (Complete) Giclee Print /100

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Jacob Bannon - No Heroes

My complete mixed media illustration for the Converge "No Heroes" album, printed for the first time in complete form at 44" (43" image length). I previously released a two part silkscreened version, however due to screen size limitations the image was split into to halves. This is the entire piece displayed and printed as originally intended.

Dimensions: 44" X 8.637"
Stock: Epson Signature Worthy, Cold Press Natural, 300 GSM
Edition - /100, signed, embossed.

Edition Details

Year: 2016
Class: Art Print
Status: Official
Released: 11/26/16
Run: 100
Technique: Giclee
Paper: Signature Worthy Cold Press Natu
Size: 44 X 8.637
Markings: Signed

- Shipped rolled in a heavyweight tube

Please email me for bigger/better pictures if you are interested.