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Broughton's Rules Bounty Hunter 1853 /113 Clear 2 X LP

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Broughton's Rules - Bounty Hunter 1853

Label: Relapse
Playtime: 65:42 min
Genre: Instrumental Rock
2 X LP /113 Clear

New and mint, slid out of the plastic for pictures, still wrapped otherwise, these /100 are very hard come by, and this is a very short run in total.

Pressing Information:

448 Tan
113 Clear (Not available to the public. Please do not request clear) (THIS ONE)

- Release Notes -------------------------------------------------------------

Ex-members of Don Caballero in a new postrock/metal band! This is a must have
for fans of Pelican, Russian Circles, with a bit of Don Cab and Shellac mixed

- Track Listing

01. Bounty Hunter 1853 ( 4:33)
02. Disaster Of The Week ( 7:06)
03. Broadside ( 3:46)
04. Childhood Sun ( 5:17)
05. Night Smoker (10:03)
06. Glass Eye ( 5:06)
07. Moonsick ( 5:42)
08. Coyote Eyes ( 4:11)
09. Ghost Heavy Days ( 6:49)
10. El Indio ( 3:44)
11. 15 Seconds Before Dawn ( 2:36)
12. Silver Of Lead ( 4:07)
13. Wheatfield With Crows ( 2:42)

Quote from Doomantia:

"I guess looking at the above artwork will give you an idea of what to expect: nothing too doomy, but more or less arty krautrock-inspired post rock, delivered by former members of Don Caballero and Blunderbuss (no idea about the latter one, never heard of them). Just as the force was great in Luke, melodies are strong with this one – Broughton’s Rules is a fine four piece with intricate, original melodies that will keep you captivated from beginning to end. This release will see its birth on the 23rd of November, so be sure to check Relapse around that time.

One way to describe this album is with the word intelligent: it’s very well thought out, and the execution of the tracks is simply stellar. The production is of a very high standard, but what else can you honestly expect from a Relapse release? You may ask, what is a band like Broughton’s Rules doing here anyway, but I think the krautrock link has a strong connection to heavy psychedelics and of course the mindless love for the riff – albeit a more subtle form of riffing here. Add to this a delicate voice, and you have a very fine release. Not 100% similar to The High Confessions, but if I’ll have to choose, I’d go for this one because it’s just a little less experimental than High Confessions’ debut - and because I’m a huge fan of Don Cab.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Broughton’s Rules’ Bounty Hunter 1853 is their actual debut, and because the band is ‘new’ there doesn’t seem to exist a lot of interesting material yet (interviews, reviews, etc.). All I can really say is listen to the album and decide if it’s your cup of tea. It is certainly my cup of tea; listen for example to the sample song Moonsick on their myspace. The other great thing about their music, is that you can actually hear a lot of (early) U2 in it. Now, I love early U2, so for me it is quite refreshing to hear elements of the Edge’s guitar work back in a heavy rock release. Come to think of it, my favorite off-kilter heavy rock release would mix even elements of Brian Eno, Devo, Roky Erickson, Sparks, Meat Loaf & Burzum – but that’s another story.

Another tag you’ll find associated with Broughton’s Rules is film music (Morricone, etc.). That’s present too but to be more specific, it’s the trimmed down Don Cab sound infused by great melodies and sparsely supplemented by vocals that make this qualify as ‘film’ music. Go check this band out!